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Carpet FAQs

Why Buy Carpet?
Carpet offers Warmth, Comfort, Quiet, and a Cozy Feeling. Carpet contains the dust etc... from circulating in the air and when vacuumed with a hepa -filtered machine it eliminates much of the irritants. Plus, over the years softness has improved along with durability.
Why Buy Carpet From Us?
We recommend purchasing carpet from us, because we offer personalized service with honest advise in regards to selection. We also offer expert installation!
Considerations When Choosing Between Carpet
Traffic, Pets, Size of Family, Area in the Home
What Does A Carpet Installation Look Like?
We offer padding and expert installation appropriate to the selected carpet, which ensures the warranty will remain in effect. We remove all old carpet and pad
Carpet Care Tips?
Frequent vacuuming, light steam, or hot water extraction every 12-24 months depending on the traffic